Family Connections

How I descend from Quaker John Churchman II of Pennsylvania

Sarah Churchman (b. 17 Jan 1716; d. 2 Aug 1750) was the daughter of John Churchman II (b. 1665 in Ireland; d. 1724) and Hannah Cerie (b. 1677; d. 1759). Sarah was the sister of John Churchman III (b. 4 Jun 1705; d. 24 Jul 1775). The elder Churchman was the son of John Churchman I (b. 1630 in Ireland; d. unknown) and Elizabeth unknown (b. unknown; d. unknown).

Sarah Churchman was married to Joseph Trimble (b. 10 Jul 1720; d. 1784) and they were the parents of Mary Trimble (b. 11 Jul 1748; d. 1817) who married McCord Brady (b. 1759; d. 28 Oct. 1831).

Mary Trimble and McCord Brady were the parents of Thomas Brady (b. 6 Feb 1785; d. 7 Feb 1865) who was married to Anna Glendenning (1795-1848).

Thomas Brady and Anna Glendenning were the parents of Nancy Brady (b. 1820; d. 26 Nov 1861) who was married to John Burris (b. 4 Jul 1800; d. 14 Apr 1884).

Nancy Brady and John Burris were the parents of Thomas Brady Burris (b. 10 Jul 1861; d. 21 Jun 1922) who was married to Isadora “Dora” Hobbs (b. 9 Jun 1862; d. 13 Mar 1915).

Thomas Brady Burris and Isadora “Dora” Hobbs were the parents of Charles Elva Burris I (b. 16 Feb 1895; d. 19 Apr 1926) who was married to Mary Melvina Pryor (b. 3 Aug 1895; d. 14 Apr 1992).

Charles Elva Burris I and Mary Melvina Pryor were the parents of Charles Elva Burris II (b. 17 Apr 1924; d. 17 Feb 2005) who was married to Helen Mary Cooke (b. 8 Dec 1928; d. xxxx).

Charles Elva Burris II and Helen Mary Cooke are the parents of Barbara Ann Burris (b. 11 Aug 1948; d. xxxx) who had a child, Melissa Ann, out of wedlock with Richard Emil Wilding (b. 16 Jan 1947; d. xxxx).

**Barbara Ann Burris and Richard Emil Wilding had a daughter–ME!!! Barbara baptized me Melissa Ann Burris (Wilding) in the Catholic Church. Barbara and Richard placed Melissa for adoption through the Catholic Adoption Agency. Melissa was adopted by Claire Helen Chappell and David Robert Williams, Sr. and named Tamara Lynn Williams.

I am a direct blood-line descendent of Quaker John Churchman of Pennsylvania.

Written and posted here to preserve my own history….

7 thoughts on “Family Connections

    1. Thanks, Vince! I am going to head back to the archives next month and plan to write some stuff that will be NEW! I am going to post a few things that I think you might find interesting. Keep checking back! M

  1. Well, this is interesting. I would like to know a little bit more about John Churchman…thank you! Donna

  2. congratulations on your discoveries! please continue to post, I’ve enjoyed your entries thus far.

    1. Thank you for signing up to follow my blog. I hope you find my entries to be informative. I hope to begin posting about specific sites I have toured in the coming weeks, but for now am just trying to post some history that will relate to future posts. I look forward to your feedback!

    1. Hi Rachael,

      I began with a free 2 week trial from I also asked my biological mother for as many names for as far back as she could go. The direct bloodline allowed me to know I was on the right track and as soon as I began following one thread of lineage, I took it all the way back to the founding of America. It is great fun, but tedious work, to say the least. I think it is a great way to spend a Saturday afternnon. I hope you try to trace your ancestry….it was wonderful to learn I was a decendant of a Quaker…as I am a AfAm Historian and the Quakers, although racists by nature and belief, were the hardest working group for the cause of abolition. I am proud to know that I descend from people who knew slavery was wrong. Let me know if I can help you in any way. Thank you for your interactive questions. I plan to do a new post by the end of the month.

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