It Was More Than a Historic Ball Game

There are some thoughts I would like to share about last night. What was last night?  We finally made it to the big show; game 7 of the 2016 World Series.

While I sat at home watching the Chicago Cubs fight with the hearts of lions to end “the curse” and make history, I was actively engaged with many of my friends, also enjoying the game, sharing our excitement, or frustration, on Facebook.  It was wonderful to share in the game from one coast to the other.  I had lots of fun bantering back and forth with an old school chum, President Takasaki.  Albert was the President of my ASB Council in high school and I was his Social Chairperson. He, however, was rooting against my team.

As the innings progressed, I could sense that the nation had come to a restful pause from our current social climate which is filled with so much anger and hate, sadly.  But last night we were united. We were united by baseball. The glorious American past time that unites us across ethnic, political, and religious divides. We came together and we rooted for the underdogs or the team we’ve followed for our entire lives. The rest of the nation was united at the CMA Awards.

Truly, it matters not what united us.  The fact is, for the first time in more years than I can remember, we were united for something other than a national tragedy.  We, Americans, were united for the love of the game, for the love of sports, for the love of rooting on history in the making, for the love of country music.  It mattered not if we were a black life, a blue life, a white life, or a politian life.  For nine innings, and an epic bonus tenth, we forgot about all the ways we hate each other that have, seemingly, begun to divide us, at least, for now.  I have great hope in the American people to get their act together.

My hope is that after the upcoming grand canyon filled with dividing forces that have persisted within this election year train wreck are behind us next Tuesday, we will have a new President, a new Congress, and, hopefully, we will remember how we felt last night.  If we can just remember maybe we will come back together as a united people, as We the People…..

Our greatness does not come from our huge divides.  Those divides are killing our nation.  Our greatness actually comes from our ability to unite, in good times or bad, for the good of our country or the love of sports. We the People…… God bless baseball.

One thought on “It Was More Than a Historic Ball Game

  1. Nice job, Melissa! We really need to find a way to be smart about this election process. It doesn’t take a year and a half for candidates to present their positions to us. Most of what is presented is the obscene denigration of the character of any opponent. Of course, it doesn’t help when one of the candidates is a sociopath and has set the ugly tone with which we’ve had to cope all this time. Let’s face it: politics and religion bring out the worst in people . . . baseball brings out the best!

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